Life is a Learning Curve
When to Compromise and When Not to Settle
The Art of being a wife and a mom without losing yourself

Kathryn’s goal is to help each client realize their full potential through careful assessment, interpretation, coaching and counseling. She is an established speaker and provides presentations on a variety of topics including:

Areas of Specialty:

Couples Counseling Relationship Therapy Rekindling Romance Infidelity Money Disorders Pre-Marital Counseling Women’s Wellness Evaluations for ADHD Anxiety/Depression/Mood Disorders Anger Management/Acting Out Self Esteem Issues Social Skills Training

Workshops and Classes

Weekly Motivational Mindfulness classes

Mondays @12:15 Me Time for Moms
Awareness is everything. Mindfulness teaches skills that allow us to create centeredness. In this class we follow different weekly prompts and develop skills that encourage acceptance of our thoughts and feelings. Skills that will nourish and allow our relationships to grow. This class allows mothers to calm the chaos, slow down, and enjoy life! The younger years fly, time to focus on the good stuff! Email [email protected] or text 214 980 0915 to sign up!

Mondays @ 5:30 Mindful Milennials

I was told by a college professor on graduation day that I was entering, "the longest transition of my life." Boy.... my professor was not kidding. Your twenties can be a blurr, they can be messy, they can be full of uncertainty and they can be overwhelming... but they don't have to be. Mindful Milennials provides a happy, centered place to develop the mindful tools that will allow you to get real with yourself about who you are and what you are looking for! Email [email protected] or text 214 980 0915 to sign up!

Couples Intensives/Workshops

Have you arrived at a place in your marriage where you need to see significant changes? Is the same fight making you crazy? John Gottman reports that 69% of couples arguments are considered,"perpetual fights." Perpetual fights are grounded in the inherent differences in a couple, and without appropriate communication skills to establish dialogue perpetual fights become, "gridlock," and lead to marital dissatisfaction. Sound familiar? Kathryn McNeer offers couple intensive sessions that last 2 hours, are scheduled 8 consecutive weeks in a row and cover the, "magic," you will need to learn how to communicate about perpetual problems, build intimacy, manage conflict and ultimately develop that all important emotional connection. Email [email protected] or text 214 980 0915 to sign up! Intensives are $299.00 a session.

Family Coaching

Family dynamics are the interactions between family members, how they relate to one another and how the family functions as a whole. Family Coaching requires a deep understanding of the relationship between family members. Every family has their own group dynamics and unique structures, whether it’s a traditional family with two parents, a single-parent family, a step-family, an extended family, a one-child family, an adopted family or a family with same-sex parents for example.

Some key features we might focus on:

  • Promoting continuous and trusted communication between family members
  • Parenting issues for different stages, such as separation anxiety, depression, or discipline
  • New parent challenges
  • School issues
  • Anger & stress management
  • Marriage challenges
  • Empathize with parenting struggles
  • Understand the difficulties faced at various children’s development stages
  • Assisting parents & with children to educate and explain the effects of outside influences

Family Coaching $550.00 for 85 minutes